What to Expect

What to Expect

Thank you for choosing StoneTrends, LLC for your countertop orders.  We are committed to exceeding your expectations and will do our best to insure that every step of the process runs smoothly.  The following information is to prepare you and your home for new countertops.



 a.Provide us with basic measurements and a dimensioned diagram.
 b.We will help you to determine what stone meets your needs.
 c.Bring samples of your cabinetry (i.e. small drawer, tile, paint, flooring) to help select the correct color of stone.
 d.Select material.
 e.We will create an estimate based on the information you provide us with and on your stone selection.
 f.Upon your acceptance of the estimate, your deposit is due.
 g.At this time, please read and sign the warranty.


 a.You will receive a call to schedule the template 1-2 business days after we have all of the information we need regarding your project and you have made your deposit.  Often we can schedule your template at the time you submit your deposit.
 b.Please understand that we provide you with a time window, NOT with a specific time the templater will arrive.  The templater will call you when on the way.
 c.The decision maker designated at the time your order is processed must be present.
 d.Cabinets, walls, tub surrounds etc. must be permanently secured.
 e.Cabinets must be level to within 1/8″ over 120″ length.
 f.Cabinets to be set on top of the countertops are not to be installed prior to template.
 g.Additional trip charges can occur when conditions are not met and the templater is required to return to complete his work.
 h.Shortly after measure you will receive an updated quote, which typically results from such things as a change in dimensions or in the scope of work to be performed.

Engineering & Fabrication

 a.We will contact you during this period to verify the job requirements and to determine an installation date.
 b.In some instances, your project manager will email you a “digital photo layout” depicting how your stone will be cut and the pieces will be seamed and assembled.  Any changes in layout might cause your project to be delayed.
 c.After your approval we will program the CNC machines and will commence production of your project.


 a.Please understand that we provide you with a time window, NOT a specific time the installers will arrive.  The installers will call you when on the way.
 b.Again, the decision maker (2.c. above) must be present.
 c.While we always exercise care during the removal of an existing top and during installation, minor chips or scrapes to wall and cabinets can occur.
 d.Installation of steel supports may cause minor wall and/or cabinet damage.
 e.Final wall preparations (painting, wallpaper) should not be completed prior installation.
 f.Our installers will work to minimize the dust in the work area; however, you should expect some dust to be created.  The work area will be left in broom clean condition.
 g.Bows and bulges in walls may cause a gap between countertop/backsplash. The gap can be filled by painter or homeowner with paintable caulk.
 h.We do not alter cabinets or wood work.
 i.We will not hook up your dishwasher, but we will set clips/anchors if dishwasher is at the jobsite.
 j.Plumbing, gas, electric may be outsourced due to St. Louis County law.
 k.If we are removing an existing top, and if you do not have shut-off valves, we may need to turn off the water to the whole house completely.
 l.To ensure a proper fir backsplashes and risers might be measured after the countertop is installed.
 m.On occasion weather or ground conditions will require us to reschedule the installation.
 n.After installation we will ask you to sign the installation approval and provide final payment if you have not already done so.


 a.Minor repair and painting of walls.
 b.Our installers will leave a “Care & Maintenance Guide” for you.  You can also download the guide from our website.
 c.All granite countertops require sealing to protect against staining.  We recommend sealer from Dupont.