, TechnologyWe offer our customers the perfect combination of state of the art technology and a highly trained staff with a high level of craftsmanship.

We laser template the vast majority of our projects, which allows us not to interfere with your current set up.  There is no need to remove an existing top.


, Technology

We have a highly trained staff employed in our CAD office, ensuring the best quality you can expect and to ensure that the final product fits your needs.



, TechnologyBefore we cut the parts we project each drawing on the slabs to ensure proper layout and design – laser tagging. We invite all customers to visit our facility for an informational tour.



, TechnologyAll parts are cut on the Fusion, a state of the art combination of saw and WaterJet.  This technology enables us to provide you with a superior product.


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Sink cutouts and profiling are done on CNCs, ensuring a uniform design.



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The Velocity is used for profiling all edges, such as an eased edge, bullnose, roundover, double roundover etc. ensuring a uniform design.