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Our Story

In 2001, the Liebigs entered the stone countertop business by launching StoneTrends LLC in Chesterfield, MO. Over the next several years, significant capital investments were made, and the stone operation relocated into a nearby 75,000 SF facility fully equipped with automated, state of the art stone fabrication equipment. An unparalleled commitment to the maintaining the highest standards of quality and customer service has cemented Trend Manufacturing and StoneTrends reputations as industry leaders in the laminate and stone countertop business to this day. 

Today, we are a third generation business comprised of (5) five separate countertop manufacturing operations located in St. Louis and Kansas City that are either wholly or partially owned and operated by the Liebigs. These companies furnish and install laminate countertops, Cambria quartz (Lexus), and residential and commercial casework for builders, dealers, remodelers, and General Contractors throughout Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Southern IL.

Ted Liebig Sr. commences operations of Trend Manufacturing Company along the Spirit of St. Louis Blvd.    

St. Louis native

Ted Liebig Sr., A WWII veteran and POW survivor and operates a one man sales organization in Hanley Industrial Court. One of his product lines includes a product called Textolite from G.E which was the first generation of Hi pressure laminate used in the production of postformed countertops

Having returned to St. Louis from Phoenix following a decorated career in the Air Force that included two tours in Vietnam, a Silver Star Award, and a success as an Air Force Flight Instructor, Ted Liebig Jr. becomes President of the company.

Trend Manufacuturing expands its operations and relocates from Spirit Drive to its current location at 18181 Edison Avenue  





On July 30th, The Great Flood of 93 deluges the entire Chesterfield Valley with over eleven feet of Missouri river water. Trend Manufacturing, along with hundreds of other companies, are immediately forced to suspend operations indefinitely until the water subsides. After over three months of intensive cleanup, and thanks to the unwavering commitment of it’s customers, suppliers, and employees, Trend is the first company to resume operations in the Chesterfield Valley.



Ted Liebig III returns to St. Louis to join the business.

Trend Manufacturing acquires 50% of Countertop Supply, a small postforming countertop operation in Gridley KS. The company is renamed Countertop Trends LLC.


Trend Manufacturing

undergoes a major software conversion process and completely re-engineers its manufacturing operations by installing fully automated countertop equipment utilizing the latest technology

in the industry

The Liebigs start StoneTrends LLC and officially enter the stone countertop business.



Trend Manufacturing acquires a 50% interest in a Double C Industries in Blue Springs, MO and immediately expands into the commercial casework business.

Trend Manufacturing acquires a majority interest in TrendStone LLC in Lenexa KS and commences it’s stone fabrication business in Kansas City.


StoneTrends and Trendstone LLC become the exclusive Cambria quartz Lexus partners for the St. Louis and Kansas City markets, respectively. StoneTrends expands rapidly and relocates from its original 16,000 SF facility on Goddard Avenue into a

fully automated 75,000 SF facility

along Chesterfield Airport Road.



Ted Liebig III acquires Trend Manufacturing and its laminate subsidiaries from Ted Liebig Jr. Ted Liebig Jr. continues to own and operate StoneTrends LLC and TrendStone LLC.


Ted Liebig III


StoneTrends LLC.

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