How Does Cambria Compare to Granite?

How Does Cambria Compare to Granite?How do Cambria counter tops compare to granite? Granite and Cambria are both popular choices for kitchen counters, but Cambria offers many more benefits for homeowners.

Made from natural quartz, Cambria is one of the hardest minerals on Earth. Because of its hardness, it offers superior durability and performance. Cambria countertops offer the look and feel of granite, but with more strength, easier maintenance, and no moisture absorption.

In addition, Cambria is stain resistant and never needs resealing or reconditioning! Unlike Cambria, granite is a porous stone that needs to be sealed regularly with a chemical treatment to prevent it from absorbing liquids and food bacteria. Cambria countertops allow you to skip this reoccurring maintenance and just enjoy the full benefits from the start.

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