Cambria compared to Granite

Granite is composed of minerals and is earth-formed over hundreds of millions of years.  Typically, fissures, pitting, mineral pooling , and variations in slab thicknesses are occurring features of this stone.  Often, the appearance of granite slabs is enhanced using epoxy resins at the quarry.

Due to the rapidly growing demand, Stonetrends specializes in the fabrication of Cambria quartz.


Cambria Granite
Scratch Resistant  Yes Yes
Stain Resistant  Yes Requires sealing
Heat Resistant  Yes Yes
Mold / Mildew Resistant Yes Requires sealing
Low Moisture Absorption – Reduces Potential for Bacterial Growth Yes Requires sealing
National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Splash Zone and Food Zone Preparation Yes No
Warranty Yes  Depending on vendor
Care Free: Virtually No Sealing, Polishing or Maintenance Yes  pdf