StoneTrends, LLC – Limited Warranty – Cambria – (March 2012)

Warranty – Cambria

StoneTrends, LLC – Limited Warranty – (March 2012)

StoneTrends, LLC – Limited Warranty – Cambria – (March 2012)Cambria is warranted as set forth in The Cambria Lifetime Limited Warranty.  You must complete the online Warranty Registration Form at Any disclaimers or exceptions contained in the StoneTrends, LLC Limited Warranty supersede Cambria’s warranty.  This Limited Warranty does not cover any products or services for which StoneTrends, LLC has not been paid in full.

Installation services performed by StoneTrends such as setting and attaching the countertop and other natural stone surfaces are warranted for a period of one (1) year from the date of installation as evidenced by proper documentation submitted by customer and recognized by StoneTrends.  Related services such as plumbing and electrical connections are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of sixty (60) days from date of installation as evidenced by proper documentation.  Note: StoneTrends does not apply caulk in areas where countertops or splashes meet walls or tiles, therefore settling of caulk in these areas are specifically not covered.

This warranty is limited solely to the repair or replacement of Cambria which was purchased from StoneTrends, and to the re-installation of Cambria only if it was originally installed by StoneTrends.  Cambria may be repaired or replaced solely at the discretion of StoneTrends.  Alternatively, at its sole option, StoneTrends may refund up to its original selling price of the Cambria (upon return of the Cambria by the customer if requested by StoneTrends) and/or refund its selling price for installation services.  In the event of such refund(s) any and all claims will be deemed waived, and StoneTrends will have no further liability of any kind.

Specifically not covered under this warranty is damage to Cambria after delivery, during fabrication or alteration by others, during storage or transit by others, during installation by others, resulting from repairs performed by others, resulting from abuse, misuse or exposure to outdoor conditions, or resulting from improper cleaning or maintenance.

Tolerances for dimensions such as length, depth, overhang, centerline, etc. allow for slight variances from design specifications.  Variances not clearly visible or which can be detected only by using measuring devices are not covered under this warranty.  Additionally, settling of floors, sub-structures, and cabinets and changes in ambient conditions will result in misalignment of installed products,opening of seams and joints, and gaps where products meet each other and meet walls, none of which are covered by this warranty.

Consequential, incidental, minor, or indirect damages of any kind are expressly not covered by this warranty.  Such items which are not covered include – but are not limited to – fabrication costs, costs to un-install or re-install Cambria, plumbing, electrical work, tile, wall treatments and coverings, delivery charges, loss of use, and any other costs or forms of compensation.  Any damage to persons or property resulting from handling, installing, or use of this product is expressly not covered.  Specifically included in this exclusion are minor nicks and chips to walls, cabinets, or appliances, cutting into walls to fit countertops, and dust or debris created during installation.  StoneTrends’s maximum liability under this warranty arising out of the sale of Cambria, other products or installation services, based upon warranty or contract, shall never exceed the actual payments received byStoneTrends in connection therewith.

Some products sold by StoneTrends may have a limited warranty provided by a third-party manufacturer or vendor.  All products which do not include a warranty by manufacturer or vendor are sold AS IS and without warranty.

Sink cutouts will be made in compliance with the sink manufacturers’ specifications as provided online or by use of a template provided by manufacturer or customer.  Variations between the cutout and the sink and the manner in which the sink reveal (either positive or negative) conforms to the outline of the sink are expressly not covered under this warranty.  StoneTrends assumes no liability of any kind when the customer requests a cutout to be made that differs in any way from the sink manufacturer’s published or provided cutout specifications.  The material resulting from the sink and cook top cut-outs are not part of the finished product and will not be made available to the customer.

StoneTrends makes no implied or express warranty regarding merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose and makes no other warranties, expressed or implied, other than as set forth herein.  No fabricator, installer, dealer, agent, or employee of StoneTrends has authority to modify the obligations or limitations of this warranty.    This warranty is issued only to the original purchaser (the customer by whom StoneTrends was paid), and is not transferable.  However, this warranty also governs any claims which may be filed by the original end-user.

The following guidelines are intended solely to clarify an understanding of properties, characteristics, or conditions associated with Cambria and installation services by StoneTrends.  They do not representall of the properties, characteristics, or conditions which may be covered or which may be excluded from coverage under this warranty.

  1. CAMBRIA is pure natural quartz. Variations in color, pattern, shade, and surface smoothnesswill exist, and are unique characteristics inherent in natural stones as well as with Cambria.  Blotches of off-color material, small particulates of color not common to the overall color scheme, or irregular particulate distribution will occur in natural quartz surfaces, and are not considered to be imperfections and are not covered under this warranty.  Additionally, the color or shade of your Cambria may vary between the sample you used in the selection process and the material used on your project, as well as between the various pieces installed.  Such color variations are to be expected in Cambria, are not considered defects, and are not covered under this warranty.
  2. CAMBRIA countertops often contain one or more seams. Placement of seams (including the use of “rails”) is solely at the discretion of StoneTrends. Seams will be visible to the eye and touch. Every effort will be made to insure the seam is placed in the best location for the structural integrity of the countertop and to make it aesthetically pleasing.  Due to the unique characteristics of CAMBRIA, it is not possible to guarantee a match in color, veining (including the direction of veins) or finish when seaming two pieces together.  Additionally, stone slabs may contain some bowing or warping, therefore in some instances seams may not be level across their entire length.  Placement of the seams is at the discretion of the fabricator, will be discussed at the time of template and finalized during engineering.
  3. CAMBRIA is structurally more resistant to surface damage than other types of stone. However,any stone can be damaged by excessive force or pressure.  Occasionally very small pieces of quartz particulate may become dislodged from the surface of CAMBRIA.  Usually – though not always – such “quartz pops” can be addressed with a simple refinishing process.  Instances when refinishing does not completely hide the affected area are not covered under this warranty.
  4. Natural stone surfaces can be damaged by a sudden change of temperature (especially near edges and seams), as well as by direct or sustained heating on its surface. CAMBRIA may notwithstand the direct transfer of heat from pots, pans and appliances such as electric frying pans, griddles, and some crock-pots and roaster ovens.  Therefore, the use of a hot pad or trivet is always recommended.
  5. Installation of CAMBRIA countertops is facilitated when walls are straight and when cabinets and other required supports or sub-structures are properly installed and structurally sound and level to 1/8 inch over 10 feet.  Failure to adhere to these guidelines will delay the installation of your CAMBRIA until they have been met, and will result in increased installation costs.
  6. Although quartz surfacing is exceptionally hard and durable, CAMBRIA may be scratched in some instances.  It is generally not possible to polish or to remove these scratches.
  7. CAMBRIA may fade or discolor in direct sunlight, and is not recommended for outdoor uses.
  8. In order for your CAMBRIA to be covered under the limited warranty, you must complete a CAMBRIA Limited Warranty Registration and Service Questionnaire form.
  9. Purchasers of CAMBRIA are responsible for the inspection of the material before it is installed.  Variations in color, shade, surface imperfections, discrepancies in fabrication specifications, as well as most other potential problems should be addressed prior to installation.  No claims for such matters will be accepted after installation. Inspect CAMBRIA carefully and thoroughly before installing it.

Maintaining CAMBRIA is easy. Wash with warm water and non-abrasive cleaners (i.e. Formula 409 or Simple Green) with a clear water rinse.  For dried spills, a wet cotton cloth should be used.  Avoid using bleach, alkaline (high pH) cleaners such as oven cleaner, abrasive cleaners such as Comet or Soft Scrub, products containing pumice, SOS pads or similar products, paint removers, furniture strippers, and tarnish or silver cleaners.  NEVER apply sealers or topical treatments to CAMBRIA.

If you have questions about CAMBRIA, 1) consult your dealer, 2) contact StoneTrends, LLC at

(636) 537-1607, or 3) contact CAMBRIA at 1-866-CAMBRIA, or visit