Balance Your Bold Design Choices With a Midtone Countertop

Balance Your Bold Design Choices With a Midtone CountertopMid-tone countertops are perfect for homeowners who want a soft, friendly vibe with harmonizing tones. Whether you’ve got a bold, light, or dark color scheme – a nice mid-tone design can bring the various colors in your room together in a gorgeous blend.

In addition, designs with thick, bold patterns can help hide the little bits of dirt and smudge that are unavoidable in daily life. Meaning you don’t have to wipe down your counters every hour just to maintain a clean, orderly look.

Huntley by Cambria offers a white, creamy base etched with fine lines that host scatterings of warm gray and brown accents to create a gorgeous abstract composition that invites closer inspection. This gorgeous blend of midtone colors brings together a starkly dark and light color combination with ease.

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