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Galloway by Cambria®

Waterstone Collection by CAMBRIA

Aberdeen   Armitage   Bellingham




Bradshaw   Braemar   Buckingham


  Braemar   Buckingham
Hollinsbrook   Laneshaw   New Quay
Hollinsbrook   Laneshaw   New Quay
Newport   Praa Sands   Sharpham
Newport   Praa Sands   Sharpham
Shirebrook   Torquay   Wellington
Shirebrook   Torquay   Wellington


Introducing 14 New Styles & The Waterstone Collection™

Influenced by the natural movement of water over stone, these trendsetting looks capture the unpredictability of flowing water. The range of neutral and vibrant tones are reminiscent of granite and marble, yet offer the benefits of Cambria, such as strength greater than granite or marble and its maintenance-free, non-porous surface.

Each new color boasts the names of locations in Wales and England, which are the inspiration for the spectrum of Cambria colors. For example, Buckingham, named for the London palace that is home to the British Monarchy, is rich and versatile with just enough unexpected flare of browns, golds and grays. Torquay, a posh, continental feel much like the English Riviera town itself, has a pure milky nature that is complemented by swirls of gray and tan. And Braemar, pebble-like and sporadic like the banks of the River Dee which runs through the most mountainous village of Braemar in the UK, contains gray, black and cream quartz crystals that create a playful, contemporary mix.


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