Check out this amazing Cambria kitchen counter called Weybourne from the Marble Collection. Marble Collection designs offer timeless sophistication and luxury for dream kitchens and baths along with the incredible performance and durability of Cambria. Timeless, modern and just plain beautiful. Get your Cambria kitchen today by calling StoneTrends at (636) 537-1607.

Close Up of Weybourne by Cambria

Guess who’s on the cover of May’s issue of Cambria Style? Goldie Hawn and she loves Cambria in her home. “Cambria is a beautiful product!” Goldie says. “There are abundant choices; so many designs that are also indestructible! It’s a great, great material.” Read more about where Goldie put Cambria in her house. Click the link here.

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Check out this gorgeous inspirational kitchen with two different Cambria designs. The darker island design is called Laneshaw and the wall counters is called Darlington. A clean, bright inviting kitchen is a great feature in your home for comfort as well as increasing its resale value. Consider Cambria surfaces in other rooms of your home including the bathroom vanity tops, fireplace surround, flooring and more! Get this trendy kitchen for your home by calling StoneTrends today at (636)-537-1607.


Here is a recent 5 star testimonial from a very happy customer. Spencer P. writes, “Our Cambrian countertops came out great. Loved working with these guys!”
Come find out why Cambria from StoneTrends is the best choice for all of your home or business surfaces.

Did you know that Cambria countertops do not need sealing, polishing, or reconditioning? Just wash with warm water, it’s that simple. Cambria does not absorb liquids and resists stains. Find out more about why Cambria is the best choice for your residential or commercial surfaces here.

What are the benefits of installing Cambria countertops versus any other material? Cambria is non-porous and will not absorb food or liquid like other surfaces. Cambria is not synthetic and contains no soft minerals like others, making it a very strong and durable countertop.

With Cambria’s uncompromising quality and unbeatable performance, it’s the perfect choice for life.
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Wishing Everyone A Merry Christmas And Happy New Year From All Of Us At StoneTrends!

If you are considering new countertops, vanities, sink tops or any new surface, Cambria is the material of choice. Cambria does not off-gas which means NO emissions at all including radon. Cambria is comprised of pure natural quartz. It’s hard, durable, extremely dense, nonporous and nonabsorbent. Absolutely no chemical sealants or petroleum-based protectants of any sort are needed or used to protect our quartz surfaces. Cambria is the “healthy” choice for you and your family. Learn more about Cambria and give StoneTrends a call to get a free estimate!


People Spend A Significant Amount Of Time In The Kitchen. A Huge Focal Point Is The Kitchen Countertops. Be Choosy And Do Your Homework Before Purchasing New Counters. Cambria Is A Great Choice For Your Counter Tops Since It Does Not Off Gas, There Is No Maintenance, It’s Very Durable, Elegant, And There Are Numerous Design Options And Colors.
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Pictured is Cambria Blackwood


Do you want your kitchen to “Pop”?
Then replace that outdated countertop!

Cambria is the perfect choice for your new kitchen countertops! Why stop there? Cambria is elegant as a bathroom vanity top or even a table top. Check out our gallery and give StoneTrends a call today to find out more about your new kitchen counter tops.


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